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We specialise in Greek street food - specifically SOUVLAKIA. If you have never had the chance to try this amazing dish then we thoroughly recommend you do.  For more information on our Greek menu click here.


HOWEVER...we're not just a one dish wonder!! We can be very versatile in what we can offer.


You want burgers? We can do funky burgers. You want hot dogs? We can do fancy dawgs. Salads? Sandwiches? Toasties? Did someone ask for a Prossecco Bar? We can do that too! A sweet tooth? We make fabulous fresh cakes! We do a superb High Tea!!

And have we even mentioned our coffee?

We do proper coffee lovers coffee! Check out our specialist coffee roaster DUSTY APE who supply their hand roasted 100% arabica coffee beans - perfect for a freshly ground relaxing cup of loveliness!

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